Ideal for Playing ROOK® and other games!

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Ideal for Playing ROOK® and Other Card Games!



WHY use our cards instead of Rook® brand cards?

Simply – These are Good Quality Cards!

Our 57 cards are good quality, long-lasting, sturdy, linen-finished, safety-certified Aqueous Coated, USA made, and provide improved shuffling and handling; making them better than the Hasbro ROOK® cards.

FOUR SUITS and a Wild Card (Same size as Rook® cards: 2 ¼” x 3 ½”)

  • Each suit is COLORED with easily distinguishable
    Green, Red, Black, Yellow.
  • In each suit the cards are NUMBERED 1 thru 14.
  • Card 57 is the WILD (Rook®) card.

(And unlike plastic cards, ours are real card-stock with that "normal" card feel.) These cards are IDEAL for playing ROOK®! Other games are also played with Numbered Game Cards so the 57th card is termed WILD. (Use it as the Rook card when playing the card game ROOK.)


Temporary price reduction!

      We have had a few reports concerning this current run of cards of a slight stickiness developing after about 30+ rounds of play. Nevertheless, those reporting the stickiness do say, though, that our cards are still much better than the ROOK® brand cards from Hasbro/Parker Bros. 

     (We have worked hard to develop a good reputation and don’t want it marred so we are upfront with this potential problem and are accommodating it with a temporarily lower price. Because of this we hope all comments will remain positive because the quality for the price is very reasonable.)


Only $6.95 per deck 

when buying eight decks

$7.95 per deck


Shipping USA: Flat $4.95 no matter the quantity.
Shipping International: (USD) $19 for 1-3 decks,
$27 for 4-8 decks, $53 for 9-48 decks).
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Since many other games are also played with numbered cards,
the 57th card is named WILD with a rook chess piece motif.

(When playing the card game ROOK®
WILD is used like a “rook” card.)


(Cello-wrapped in a hard clear plastic GIFT CASE)