Ideal for Playing ROOK® and other games!

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Ideal for Playing ROOK® and Other Card Games!



WHY use our cards instead of Rook® brand cards?

Simply – These are Good Quality Cards!

Our 57 cards are good quality, long-lasting, sturdy, linen-finished, safety-certified Aqueous Coated, USA made, and provide improved shuffling and handling; making them better than the Hasbro ROOK® cards.

FOUR SUITS and a Wild Card (Same size as Rook® cards: 2 ¼” x 3 ½”)

  • Each suite is COLORED with easily distinguishable
    Green, Red, Black, Yellow.
  • In each suit the cards are NUMBERED 1 thru 14.
  • Card 57 is the WILD (Rook®) card.

Save frustration and money! Our Rook-similar cards can outlast many decks of the cheaper-quality cards.

(And unlike plastic cards, ours are real card-stock with that "normal" card feel.) These cards are IDEAL for playing ROOK®! Other games are also played with Numbered Game Cards so the 57th card is termed WILD. (Use it as the Rook card when playing the card game ROOK.)


List $12.95
Your Price: Only $6.95

Shipping USA: Flat $4.95 no matter the quantity.
Shipping International: (USD) $19 for 1-3 decks,
$27 for 4-8 decks, $53 for 9-48 decks).

Since many other games are also played with numbered cards,
the 57th card is named WILD with a rook chess piece motif.

(When playing the card game ROOK®
WILD is used like a “rook” card.)


(Cello-wrapped in a hard clear plastic GIFT CASE)