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WHY use our cards instead of Rook® brand cards?

Simply put—our high quality rook-type cards are entirely better!

Our 57 cards are professional casino quality—long-lasting, crisp, plastic-coated, linen-finished, safety-certified, USA made, and SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to provide superb grip, slip, snap, and feel; unlike Rook brand cards that quickly get sticky, collect dirt, easily rumple, are flimsy, and damaged by even slight moisture. (Many of you know what we mean! You’ll love our cards!)

FOUR SUITS and a Wild Card (Just like Rook®):

  • Each suit is COLORED differently with Green, Red, Black, Yellow.
  • In each suit the cards are NUMBERED 1 thru 14.
  • Card 57 is the WILD card.

If you are looking to buy Quality Rook® Type Cards - You Have Come to the Right Place!


(Cello-wrapped in a hard clear plastic GIFT CASE)
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